Thursday, August 11, 2011

There ARE no conflicts between you and other people, these are conflicts between you and God...

There ARE no conflicts between you and other people, these are conflicts between you and God...

If it wasn't for your Ego, you wouldn't distinguish yourself as separate from others. You would clearly see that we are all ONE, from the same source. There would be no conflict. Cooperation would be the accepted norm as it is in all of nature. Can you imagine two blades of grass getting into a pissing contest? Or two snowflakes? Or two drops of water? WE, are that much alike....

Now I hear you saying, "Yeah, but we are people, we've got a higher intelligence!" Really? We, with all of our study, cannot figure out why the laws of physics which we apply to everything, break down at the particle level. However, all of the rest of Nature and indeed the Universe are able to act in total compliance everyday, with what we don't understand. Oh, and I hear the cry, "Animals compete!" Yes, but only as part of a larger cooperative dance. They allow that the Universe has a larger goal in mind than themselves.

Every cell in your body is replaced every nine months or so. So, there is a completely new you here this year! Imagine someone you really dislike, even hate (if you are actually able to bring your energy level down that low). YOU may actually contain molecules today, that were in them a short time ago! YOU are THEM, and they are you...

The truth is your Ego (your imagined you) thinks it is in conflict with others, but really is in conflict with the Universe (God). This imagined conflict leads to fear and FEAR is the root of all negative behaviors. If WE can replace this fear with LOVE and recognize that we are all ONE, all children of God, equal and deserving of the same dignified existence; clean air, clean water, food, healthcare, indeed there is ENOUGH for all, then the negative behaviors will dissipate and eventually end.

How do we do this? The first step is to recognize that our current motivations and subsequent actions are heading towards imminent world disaster, because they are. Secondly we have to stop thinking that an outcome that provides US with what we need, but at the expense of others is OK. Because that is a failed, and continuously failing worldview. "American Exceptualism" must end...NOW. All exceptualism must end. I understand that making this change, actually raising the Consciousness of enough people to reach critical mass is daunting. But putting your head in the sand is NOT a solution.

I met some new friends last night. Great guys, very smart, nice people. We discussed this stuff among a million other things (gross exageration). One fellow and his wife are having a new baby any day. I asked him, after he had revealed that he was torn about the amount of work required to dedicate himself to the goal of increasing awareness, "What better use of yourself, than to work towards creating a more evolved world for your new baby can you think of?"

I present this question to you readers as well. What use of your time and effort can possibly deliver a more positive result than helping to move the evolution of Consciousness forward? Isn't it worth your effort?

Today, when you hear anything that points to, or reiterates a separation of one group as superior and more deserving than another, stop and say, "Those days are over. We have to begin working together, and we might as well begin right now."


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