Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ask yourself what you have to give...

Ask yourself what you have to give. If all you have are anxiety, fear, and anger within, that is all you will be able to give to others...

Let's speak the truth here. If all you have are anxiety, fear, and anger within, then you have nothing to give, nothing of value at least.

What is fear? One definition of fear is what we feel when we think we are in danger. Fear is also a term used to describe all of the negative emotions: Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief, Desire (addiction, craving), Anger, and Pride (dependency on external circunstances). Fear is the opposite of LOVE. When you are consumed with fear, you haven't any LOVE to give, or even to experience.

What is LOVE? Love is typically thought of as the romantic feeling you have in a relationship. Not to diminish that version of love, I am referring to LOVE as a permanent understanding of your connection to all things. LOVE promotes kindness, compassion, empathy, sharing, and caring. Think Mother Teresa. Love is also a term used to describe all of the positive emotions: Courage, Neutrality (live and let live), Willingness, Acceptance (accepting responsibility for your life), Reason, Joy, Peace, and Enlightenment. Check out, "Power vs Force" by  Dr. David R. Hawkins, or "Levels of Consciousness" on Steve Pavlina's wonderful blog:, for a greater discussion and detail of these concepts.

Most people today are CONSUMED with fear. Not only is the pace of technology harder and harder to keep up with, but we are victims of a corporate controlled media that deliberately attempt to INSTILL fear in us daily. They have a vested interest in you being afraid, because you are more pliable, more easily lead when you are afraid. Where do they want to lead you? They want to lead you away from looking at the real forces of destruction in society, them. By playing on your fears and prejudices they divide and conquer you. You can't see the real "enemy" if you think you are fighting the "other side" for the same crumbs.

I grew up in Boston, in a Irish family. My father hated the Italians, they were the enemy. I'm sure many Italians boys at that time were taught similarly. What my father failed to see, was the Irish and the Italians were fighting for the same jobs, and being manipulated into animosity between each other, so neither would be looking at the Landed Gentry, the Boston Brahmins in their ivory towers pulling the strings... Divide and conquer... Fear of loss...

Fear is contagious. Think mob mentality. Don't allow yourself to be goaded into a fearful existence. Remember, if you are fearful, your love tank is empty. LOVE is also contagious. It has been proven that a simple act of kindness raises the dopamine levels (in the reward and pleasure centers of the brain) and strengthens the immune systems, not only of the recipient of the act of kindness, but also in the person who committed the act, and also in the brain of anyone who simply observed the act of kindness. LOVE is contagious!

For most people who are living a FEAR experience, the thought of an existence of Joy or Peace or Enlightenment, is simply unreachable, an impossibility. These people spend all of their energy in a reactive state, trying to keep far too many balls in the air at once. What to do? Begin with "Courage." Courage is the doorway to LOVE. Courage is the level of Consciousness where you see life as challenging, but not overwhelming. You tell yourself you can do it. You aren't blocked by fear, you are excited to find solutions. You are energetic. You begin to see life as a place where you can achieve some level of personal growth. You see yourself as moving toward a better future, because you KNOW you can improve upon the status quo. This is the beginning of living a LOVE existence, connected to all things, living a life where coopersation is paramount, replacing competition. A LOVE life is one of abundance not one of scarcity, one where you can come out of your "bunker."

Today, shut out the voices that induce fear. They are abusing you. Whenever someone says something that strikes fear in you, clamp down on that thought, and tell yourself that you have nothing to fear. Immediately seek a better way of looking at things. Clamor for a solution. Ask for assistance. Give willingly. BE kind. "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself!"


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