Monday, August 15, 2011

Decide to put doing GOOD before doing WELL...

When WE decide to put doing GOOD before doing WELL, we will end poverty...

One in seven Americans now lives at or below the poverty line...

I SAID, "One in seven Americans now lives at or below the poverty line!"

Why do you think this has happened? The answer is because WE want it to be this way. The way we think, what we say, the propaganda we have swallowed, along with the national media encouragement of prejudice, selfishness and zenophobia, have led us right to where we are, almost like we used a GPS set on poverty! If WE didn't want it to be this way it would be different.

Think of the Titanic. But this time the wealthy passengers have a fleet of private lifeboats to make sure they get away cleanly. This private armada of lifeboats is protected by the might of the US military, the bought Congress and the bought Supreme Court to make sure nobody comes between them and clear skies.

The chronically poor, that we ALL have simply accepted as the "disadvantaged" without taking as much as a moment to ask ourselves why there is such a group in the first place, are going down with the ship.

This leaves the steerage passengers. We have to rely on the ship's lifeboats. There are not enough... So we begin to manipulate, to push and shove to the front, with a, "The Hell with the ones that don't get a seat, as long as I do!" attitude...

Now the steamship company is told by the wealthy, through the Congress, that they must cutback on the number of lifeboats, that they, the wealthy, should not have to subsidize the cost of the saving lives, even though their sponsored de-regulation of ship design safety, which saved them millions in ticket costs, caused the sinking.

Is this the way YOU really want things to be? Every man for himself? What about, "All for one, one for all!" What about, "There's no I in TEAM," "In Unity there is strength," or "We are ALL God's children?"

The truth is, we secretly hope to become one of the wealthy and we don't care if there are enough lifeboats, because we don't want to have to pay for them, when the windfall we imagine showers us with riches!

The truth is we are so filled with self-righteous hate, that we secretly believe that those who don't get a seat on a lifeboat, DESERVE their fate, that if they had worked harder (or smarter) they would have secured their own safety!

Until it is YOU that just misses the boat...

If we could somehow tap into that panicked plea, "What was I thinking!" that is experienced in the last seconds before the lost slip below the waves, we could turn this around overnight,  AND become AMERICA again; "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."

History shows us, that during the last time we experienced a similar economic collapse, there were two roads that could be taken. One lead to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and creating a solid life and prosperity for all Americans. The other lead to Hitler and trying to rise on the backs of scapegoats.

The choice of whether we should have enough lifeboats for all shouldn't even have to contain the knowledge of a safety net for yourself. It should be an easy decision, for ALL God's children are at stake. But, if that's what YOU need, to alter your "stinking" thinking, I for one will accept it, for OUR future "hinges" on you making this change, on your evolving, regardless of your individual motivation.

Today, stop listening to the mouthpieces for the wealthy, that are trying to play on your fears. Shut off the TV and radio as soon as you hear/see "paid for" leaders suggesting that "some" are are undeserving. Look at the face of those you love, into the eyes of your own children, and know that they are not worthy in the eyes of many, who think as you used to think. If you don't, the day will arrive when the lifeboat is too small for them...


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