Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happiness doesn't come find you...

Happiness doesn't come find you, you have to seek it. If you don't have it now, most likely you are going to have to change your thinking.

What do we mean by "seek it?" Do we mean find it like in an Easter egg hunt? Do we mean making decisions that lead us to it? No. We mean desire it enough to create it. We mean seek it within ourselves...

Happiness is CREATED by you. It lies only in you, or not. If you don't have it now, most likely you are going to have to change your thinking.

Poeple don't like to hear this. I didn't like hearing it. I remember protesting in a counselor's office, "Yeah, I know all that, but I don't want that. I just want things to get better!" I also remember my son's response, "So, your recipe for happiness amounts to lowering your standards."

No, it means CHANGING your standards. I'm not sure where the "happiness is outside of you" school of thought began. Can any of you? I don't think any one thing is at fault, but for most people being happy revolves around having "stuff." Your Ego wants new stuff, because it identifies itself with the qualities of the stuff. It gets an "Ego boost." You (associating with your Ego) feel that you are "successful," "a person of means," that you exhibit "Class," "Taste," "Discernment," and any and all the attributes that can be gleaned from possessions or the ability to possess them. Of course down deep your Ego knows this all stands on shaky ground, that this identity with stuff, evaporates very quickly. Loathe to EVER consider itself wrong, your Ego simply looks for some new stuff! Not having stuff = unhappy!

Constantly needing new stuff, leads to "Materialism" as a way of life, a way of life that most of us fail miserably at. Capitalism, the supreme ruler, encourages you to simply work harder! The stuff is only inches away! You can take out a loan! All of this adds negative factors to the stuff, so advertising needs to "add value." You can get the girl if you own this car, this watch, these shoes, etc. This stuff can no more create happiness for you than an oil spill on a wet parking lot. Stuff, is never going to make you happy. There are millions of people who "have it all," and they are miserably unhappy. Your Ego once again, doesn't want to hear this. Why? Because the truth makes your Ego irrelevant, and it is holding on to relevancy with all its might!

The truth is, Happiness is not OUT THERE. It is an inside job. You can only be happy by changing your thinking about what constitutes happiness, by changing your standards, standards that were incorrect in the first place.

Happiness belongs to those that have a certain set of attitudes. They decide that there is no way to happiness, but that HAPPINESS IS THE WAY...

Today, and tomorrow, decide you are a happy person, no matter what happens. Decide in advance that nothing is going to prevent you from experiencing the bliss of living. Only YOU untimately can choose...


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