Friday, June 17, 2011

Worry is an addiction...

Worry is an addiction. When a problem arises do what you can. No thought is needed before or after.

Worry is a state of fear. Intellectually we'd all like to lessen fear in our existence, so why are we so addicted to worriying? Let's examine the root cause...

We worry because we are living in "Psychological time" (Tolle). What this means is we are NOT in the moment. We are living in the (imagined) future. Our Ego needing to be important, is setting up scenarios of failure (awful-izing)... When you are identified with your Ego these scenarios are of great concern. It doesn't matter if they come true or not, for there is always a following scenario, and a following one...and another following that...

The PRESENT moment is the arch enemy of the Ego. The Ego hates being put back in the toolbox. Focusing on the NOW doesn't require the Ego or its sidekick "worry." If a problem presents itself, you take care of it in the moment. Give it your complete concentration. And after it has been handled go right back to BEing PRESENT... flowing/floating with the moment.

Notice today when you feel worry, and see that it is taking place (in your mind) in the future...then pull yourself back to the wonderful moment of NOW


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