Saturday, June 11, 2011

In a very dark place, YOU may be the only shining light...

In a very dark place, YOU may be the only shining light...SHINE BRIGHTLY!!! 
There have been times in Human history where nobody, not one individual in a given place has existed at a positive spiritual level. According to Dr David R. Hawkins in his enlightening book, "Power vs Force," during the Dark Ages in Europe there was no positive spiritual energy for 200 years! Nothing but fear, grief, anger, guilt, pride and shame...

Although the Dark Ages were an anomaly of sorts, YOU may live in a place where you are surrounded by similar low energies. It may be your family, your neighborhood, your town or region. It may be in your church, or your circle of friends. Tremendous courage is required to step outside of what is expected of you, for you are risking acceptance from the group.

Your Soul however has its own agenda. Its purpose is to move the evolution of Consciousness forward even if incrementally. Most people deny their Soul out of fear or selfishness, and then rationalize why, or bury their self-loathing in the bottle or through some other addiction. If nothing else, they are condoning negative behaviors and attitudes through their silence.

If YOU stand up and BE the light, you can guarantee at least that your Soul will not remain in darkness. And it just may be that many others around you were waiting for someone to have the courage to go first.

Have a splendid weekend!

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