Thursday, June 2, 2011

Being part of the "ONE" has always been our true identity...

All fear comes from our sense of self. We fear losing our identity, but being part of the "ONE" has always been our true identity.

Our Ego wants us to see ourselves as separate. Separate is never equal, so our Ego tells us we are also superior/better/more worthy... SPECIAL! We identify with "things" that show us to be better. When someone spends $550 on a leather coat, the coat conveys you had the ability to purchase it, that you had the sophisticated taste to choose a trendy style, that you can afford to live in a place where it is safe to go out and brandish it...YOU ARE BUYING IDENTITY with the coat, identity that demonstrates clearly that you are better.

This identity is never lasting, and so must be constantly replenished. Tremendous fear is generated by your Ego when your ability to exhibit superiority is threatened. It needs to be BETTER!

Your true identity however, is that you are simply part of a greater whole, a "ONE"...You  are nothing more than a tiny piece of the Universe and subject to its cycles, its plan, its needs. Your Ego will fight anything that suggests this is your true identity, because your Ego becomes insignificant as soon as you awaken to who you are.

Notice when your Ego tries to point out how you are special and find a reason showing you're connected to all...


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