Monday, June 20, 2011

Are you feeding the Wolf of Love or the Wolf of Hate?

The Wolf of Love constantly expands the circle of "us".
The Wolf of Hate expands the circle of "them"...

There is a story of a Native American leader expressing to a child that in every man there is a Wolf of Love and a Wolf of Hate competing for dominance. When asked by the child which one is going to win, he replies, "The one that I feed."

Stop and think for a moment; which one are you feeding in your own life? When you walk by someone different from you, dressed in a foreign way, someone with different skin color, someone poor, etc., what are you thinking? Disgust, disdain, anger, fear? These reactions all feed the Wolf of Hate. That's right... Any feelings that are not feeding the Wolf of Love are feeding the other one.

More importantly, feeding the Wolf of Hate shrinks the quality and quantity of allies/friends/partners you can share with and call on for assistance in times of need, or even for understanding. YOU, through your thoughts, are expanding the circle of "them" and in doing that you are weakening yourself as well as the group you identify with. You are hurting yourself... And us all...

Observe your thoughts today. See if your reactions to your surroundings are feeding the Wolf of Love, and if not change course. Expand the circle of "US!"


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