Saturday, July 30, 2011

You meditate so your mind will be ready for mental and emotional exertion...

You exercise so your body will be ready for physical exertion. You meditate so your mind will be ready for mental and emotional exertion..

Yesterday, just when I finished writing and editing my post for the day, I somehow hit a wrong key and followed that with the ill-advised Control-Z to undo it, and presto....! No more post... All gone... Since I had an aappointment to keep I didn't have time to re-write it. (It turns out the appointment was a complete wash, so I could actually have spent the re-writing time, had I known.)

I told myself, as I frequently advise here, to accept and allow "What is" as normal and fine. On an intellectual level that was pretty easy, but emotionally I couldn't seem to entirely let it go. Especially knowing that the appointment didn't pan out, I started feeling upset and angry about the lost post. Why did it have to happen? I had worked so hard on it, and was very pleased at the way the conclusion brought all the ideas together... Blah, blah, blah....

It turns out, as it always does, that I was asking the wrong "Why" question, but we'll get to that...

My fiance, seeing how this was infringing on my "WA" asked me, "When was the last time you meditated?" I was reminded by her question, that I possessed all I needed right inside, to get over my little spat with the Universe. I began focusing on my breathing, brought myself right to the "blue flame" within myself and within minutes I was back to Buddha like calmness... Yay!

It's very important to surround yourself with conscious people, because their high vibrational level provides you with a benchmark for your own... It is also very important to meditate frequently. Just as you exercise so your body will be ready for physical exertion, you meditate so your mind will be ready for mental and emotional exertion... Physical exercise gives you good cardio-vascular health, and provides you with physical stamina. Meditation is spiritual exercise, and provides you with spiritual stamina. The more you meditate the quicker and easier it is for you to get into a meditative state, sometimes called centering yourself, or even calming yourself. When an emotional challenge presents itself, a practiced meditator can quickly go to that silent place where clarity resides, and thus be able to take creative, straightforward action(s), that are unhampered and unobstructed by the cloud of emotions that typically make for rash and reckless reactions.

Back to the "Why" question. Experiencing the lost post had temporarily set me back to unconscious thinking, to believing the illusion is real. Instead of asking myself why it happened, I should have immediately asked why I wasn't letting the Universe drive the car and deciding that my only job was as a passenger. Instead of whining, "Are we almost there?" thinking that happiness was in the future, I should have decided to happily observe the wonderful scenery and let life BE...

Today, meditate... If you never have,  begin. When you slip off your horse, as we all do, a strong meditative practice will allow you to get right back up, and move forward without another thought. It will help you return to that primordial forest, that still lies deep within your DNA.
Have a splendid weekend!


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