Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The cause of Happiness isn't your situation...

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. The cause of happiness isn't the situation either...
A homeless person searches all day for something to eat. It is hot out and the places he/she has to search are filthy and quite possibly dangerous. He/she miraculously finds a dollar after 8 hours of searching!

A waiter/waitress receives a dollar tip on a twenty dollar round of drinks. Five minutes spent in air-conditioned splendor and he/she is furious with the dollar!

What is the difference? Their thoughts about the situation are creating happiness and unhappiness. The primary cause of happiness/unhappiness is never your situation. How you allow yourself to look at your situation is responsible.

Your thoughts are not automatic. They may seem so after a lifetime of you letting them run you, but you can learn to shut off this cacophany of thoughts and choose to see things in a manner which coincides with the kind of life you seek to create.

Ask yourself the question, "Is this situation/event personal?" If the answer is no then you simply put on your objective hat and go forward accepting and allowing... If the answer is yes you put on your subjective hat and find a way of looking at things in a way that keeps your Ego out of it and lets you continue without editorializing, without the "Why me?" or "Poor me."

This is not easy, but with practice it becomes natural. Today when something happens to "rain on your parade" stop and choose the thoughts you like, thoughts that "allow" you to experience happiness...


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