Monday, July 18, 2011

Choose to love "What is" and you will love life...

Choose to love "What is" and you will love life...

Whether you have actually ever gotten married or not you have probably heard traditional marriage vows enough times to be able to repeat them by rote "...for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and health, to love and cherish, to death do us part..."

Imagine now that you adopted that attitude towards LIFE... Life is actually your real partner. Think about that... You could get married and divorced 5 times, more even, or never marry at all but life would still be your partner all the way along. Your family may be the strongest unit you can imagine, but one by one they leave you... Life never does.

From the day of your birth until your final day as you are presently manifested, "What is" is your constant and most dependable companion. It will never abandon you or leave your side even for a moment. Most of us take this loyalty completely for granted, so much so that we gripe and moan constantly. "Life sucks and then you die."

Love is a choice. If you choose to Love "What is," no matter what it is, you will Love life. You've heard people say, "I'm lovin' life right now!" Shouldn't we all be saying that, all the time?

When someone asks you, "How's your love life?" Shouldn't your answer be really be about your love of life, your love affair with LIFE? This journey, this brightly lit movie that you get to experience everyday, that is constantly changing, with no editing mistakes, no holes, and never once gives away the ending, this life that is constructed in such an awesome fashion that if you look for the positive it is ALWAYS there to be seen and so too that there is plenty of negative if that's your taste! How could you possibly choose to give this life anything but five stars!

Today, when you feel any inkling of negativity towards life, consider the alternative, give yourself a "dope slap" and smile, 'cuz you know this life is the best!


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