Monday, September 5, 2011

Nurture gratitude...

Nurture gratitude. You will grow a garden of incredible inner peace...

People grow gardens of incredible variety. The Earth has a multitude of climates, each presenting opportunities and caveats. The caveats are just like the parameters of your life, your age, your finances, your physical health, but mostly your attitude. The opportunities are blessings, just like the ones in your life. Some people can take the smallest little plot of land, a space most wouldn't even notice, and make it into a graceful creation of exquisite beauty. They balance color, compostiton and design, waterfalls, ponds, big flowers, with delicate mosses... How are they able to accomplish this? Because they are GRATEFUL to have the space and make the most of it.

Your life is like a plot of land in much the same way. Some people have very large plots, with rich soil, a healthy climate, and unlimited resources. Most people have something less. Drive down any street and you can see one yard is well manicured with the sidewalk swept, next to one with dead cars and old living room furniture fighting with the weeds for supremacy. Whatever we have, some make the most of it, and turn it into a stunning thing of beauty, and some let it go to seed... Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, doing just enough to satisfy those around us, or starting and stopping in fits and gasps.

We would all love to enjoy a lush, fertile existence, but we either don't know how or we're too busy to maintain our own garden. There are some poor souls that are so downtrodden and filled with apathy that they don't even notice.

What can we do? Begin by cultivating an attitude of THANKFULNESS. Everyone, in my opinion, has things to be thankful for. Your job may be unfulfilling, or low paying, but at least you have a job. You may only have Top Ramen for dinner but at least you're eating. You may feel "Old and In the Way," but you're still able to contemplate, congregate, and consumate. And for those who think they have nothing to be grateful for, BE grateful that you may learn from your challenges. Every challenge BEcomes an opportunity in this way.

Today, take 2-3 minutes, close your eyes and give thanks for the things in your life you are grateful for. Say "Thank you" when someone does something nice, no matter how small, and mean it too. Reach out to a friend or loved one, and tell them how thankful you are to have them in your life. BE thankful for challenges, they help build strength and character. BE grateful for your mistakes, they provide valuable life lessons, and are steps on the staircase of wisdom. BE grateful when you are tired and weary, for your effort has made a difference. Nuture your garden...


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