Friday, September 23, 2011

Are you willing to experience Happiness?

If you want to experience happiness, you MUST give up those beliefs that are causing your unhappiness... Are you willing?

People are attracted to what exists in themselves. We have all been stuck in a long traffic jam, and complained about all the "looky-loos" and the "rubber-neckers," but when we finally go by we sneak our look too. We want to see the horror.

If you tune into the evening news and the content gets your blood boiling, YOU are contributing to your unhappiness. Yes YOU. Have you ever heard the news saying, "If it bleeds it leads?" Exactly... The people running the news know that you will tune in to what feeds the beast in yourself, hatred, bigotry, judgement, persecution, sex... Yet you continue to tune in, drinking in a steady drip, keeping yourself topped off with unhappiness...

When you spend your time feeling you're being constantly short-changed by OTHERS, stories that reinforce that make you angry. Stories about how your religion/race/class/beliefs are being persecuted cause anger with a little fear mixed in. When you are presented with evidence that your world is being eroded by illegal immigrants, liberals, atheists, minorities, gays, corporations, the wealthy etc., etc., etc., it strikes fear in you, and grief, and rage, and apathy, and in some cases even shame! These are all negative emotions, they are all negative levels of Consciousness.

Since 85% or more of people live below the 200 level of Consciousness (POWER vs. FORCE, by Hawkins), where 250 is the very beginning of the positive Consciousness, is it any wonder why the media is presenting stuff down there? Once again, people are attracted to what exists in themselves. It reinforces their feelings.

If you want to experience Happiness, constant reloading and replaying your own hatred loops is not going to do it. Pandering to thoughts of persecution, anger, shame, grief and apathy are only going to strengthen YOUR negative levels of Conciousness. You're not going to hear, "People are all basically good," "Everything in the Universe is perfect and going according to plan," "We are all God's children," "Cooperation is the natural existence for all mankind," or anything of the sort on TV. BUT, if you want to be Happy, they are exactly the kinds of thoughts YOU must BEgin to adopt. YOU must give up the beliefs that are making you unhappy if you want to experience Happiness...

Today, turn away from things that reinforce the negative beliefs in you. Turn off the TV, turn off the radio, turn off the negativity. Seek goodness. Search for people/events/experiences that increase your LOVE. Turn towards the light!


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