Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Don't contemplate what is missing from your life...

Don't contemplate what is missing from your life, feel enormous gratitude for what is on the way...

As I have stated before, thoughts are electrical impulses, which are thus surrounded by a magentic field. This means that thoughts attract like thoughts, much like magnets attract like magnetic fields. Have you ever turned around one of two magnets and felt how they repel each other? That is what happens to thoughts that are not alike. Similar thoughts attract each other.

How does this effect the subject at hand, what is missing from your life? The more you think about what you are missing, the more missing you you will get. You attract what your thoughts attract. Thoughts of what is missing, attract more missing... And yet you keep repeating the same broken formula!

The way to bring into your life more of what you desire is to remain as much as possible in a state of extreme gratitude for all the good things in your life, and for all of the wonders and splendors that are on the way! Thoughts of gratitude attract more of what you are grateful for, because thankful thoughts attract more thankfulness...the opposite of more wanting.

Here's how you begin. Whenever you find yourself feeling as if you're not getting enough, recognize that your Ego has set up a comparison, because it wants to be more special, more unique. It wants the recognition that comes with having MORE. Stop that right there. Put your Ego back on the shelf. How? By BEing grateful for something. Right then, if nothing else, BE grateful for life, focus on your breathing and how wonderful it is to simply BE alive, that you are a living breathing BEing. The more you repeat this the easier it will BE, and soon you will BE able to substitute other things/people/events that you are grateful for. This will eventually become habitual, you will BEgin to recognize immediately when you are about to compare yourself, your life, negatively to another's and move directly into gratitude.

Once you are there, living from a place of gratitude, more of the things that make you thankful will BEgin to appear in your life. You won't notice what you don't have, what you will experience is peace and thankfulness for what has shown up. When you desire something, hold the feelings of how grateful you will BE when it arrives. Focus your thoughts deeply on how wonderful your life is, and how wonderful it will BE,  and those thoughts will attract your desires and cause them to manifest in your life. And you will feel even more grateful!

Today, catch yourself, the moment you begin acknowledging what you don't have. Stop it! Put your Ego away. Don't allow even one ungrateful thought. Ungrateful thoughts undo grateful ones, they repel them. Some people call this the "Law of Attraction," but it is simply allowing the Universe to provide, by not disrupting it, not causing fits and starts with repelling thoughts. Breathe deeply and give great thanks for the simple opportunity to BE grateful...


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