Friday, October 28, 2011

Make your "go-to" expression a big welcoming smile...

Everyone loves to be around happy people. Make your "go-to" expression a big welcoming smile...

What attracts us to smiles? Smiles are ACCEPTING. A smile advertises that we are accepted as ourselves. There is no threat, no menace, no reason for FEAR. This feels good (God). Naturally we smile back, giving the same gift of acceptance. When we are accepted we can let down our defenses, and put all of that energy into the task at hand, even if the task at hand is simply enjoying oneself!

We are attracted to people who smile first. It shows courage. Have you ever smiled at someone who didn't smile back? It saps some of your energy to fight off the FEAR that the non-smiler might present some danger. That's what makes "go-to" smilers so attractive. They have risen above FEAR. They are unabashedly putting it out there. They are expressing to all, that they will not be subject to fear, and neither should you.

There is another reason why we are attracted to a smile. A smile indicates that the smiler is experienceing JOY. Joy is a very high state of Concsiouness. LOVE is the state of Consciousness, where the person has risen beyond pure reason, allowing their existence to BE, "your head and all of your other talents and abilities live in service to your heart" (Pavlina). JOY is the level above LOVE. JOY is, "A state of pervasive, unshakable happiness" (Tolle). This is the level of advanced spiritual teachers/leaders. It is the level of Saints. "Just being around people at this level makes you feel incredible. At this level life is fully guided by synchronicity and intuition" (Pavlina). There is no need for goal-setting at this advanced level. Your Consciousness has BEcome so expanded that all of your thoughts and actions are in synch with the Universe. Planning is unneccesary, BEcause an unshakable knowing that everything will BE all right, is your state of BEing. For more detail on this subject, I suggest you read, "Power vs Force" by Dr. David R. Hawkins.

So when someone smiles at us we are welcomed, possibly into the presence of a transcendent person. A person at the high level of JOY can counterbalnce millions of people who exist in the negative levels of Consciousness: shame, guilt, apathy, grief, craving, and anger. We all know at some level that these people exist, even if we might not be Conscious of this fact. Simply BEing around one of these people raises YOUR level of Consciousness!

Today, when you see someone smile recognize, BEcome Conscious, of the effect the smile has. Open your heart to the possibility of JOY. You may not have reached that level permanently, but you can feel it temporarily. Make your "go-to" expression a big welcoming smile...!!! :)


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