Tuesday, October 25, 2011

God experiences Consciousness through you...

God experiences Consciousness through you. How Conscious have you been?

God/Universe experiences through manifested creation. It is one thing for God/Universe to know itself as all things, but knowing is not experiencing. Knowing is not feeling, tasting, or savoring... Experiencing is tricky though. You can't for instance, experience dark unless you are light, and vice versa. This is just the way of things: hot/cold, organic/inorganic, ancient/new, as well as unconscious/conscious. You can't experience being one thing, if everything is also that one thing. There is a wonderful children's book called, "The Candle in the Sun," by Neale Donald Walsch, that explains that of course the candle can't see itself as bright, when it is up against the sun. It needs darkness to see itself for what it truly is. Now, it is relatively easy to juxtapose dark next to light, or organic next to inorganic, however Consciousness presents a slightly more complex set of challenges.

Consciousness is knowing. It is also experiencing, but it's the knowing that makes it difficult to juxtapose. God/Universe can't experience Godself while knowing it is Godself.  Also, God/Universe is ALL things, and it is difficult to experience Godself because there isn't anything that isn't Godself to juxtapose. And we know that to EXPERIENCE Godself, it must not know it is Godself, a dilemna for sure.

The solution to this is tiny pieces of Godself take on the Earthly form of humans, forgetting that they are Godself. They are conscious, and are able to fully experience God/Universe, because they can't remember before they arrived and so are temporarily un-knowing that they are God/Universe. They are aware of themselves and each other, but believe they are separate from God/Universe and each other. So, because you are un-knowing, God/Universe experiences Godself through YOU!

Our journey here as humans is to decide and express who we truly are.  Most people, it is estimated at 85%+, live their entire lives in the negative levels of Consciousness: Apathy, Shame, Guilt, FEAR, Craving, Anger, Pride and Jealousy. They never reach the exalted states: Joy, LOVE and Enlightenment. They might briefly touch Courage, Neutrality, Willingness, Acceptance or Reason, but slide right back to the negative states as soon as they experience FEAR. Sometimes by doing a drug, a human may experience unconditional LOVE for the first time in his/her life. It is such an unbelievably joyous state, that they mistake the drug for the experience. They keep taking the drug over and over to try and recapture that moment. Instead they fall into Craving, a negative state and waste their lives. The Joyous state was theirs for the asking all the time. All they had to do was walk the path of enlightenment, upward through the levels of Consciousness...

Since God/Universe experiences Consciousness through you, what kind of experience are you offering? Are you offering Fear, selfishness, hoarding, separateness, manipulation and Ego judgment, or are you offering LOVE? For instance, when someone asks,"Do you want to become some Socialist country and have to wait in line all day to see a doctor?" Most respond, "No way!" Now imagine for a moment how God/Universe would respond. "You mean, all I have to do is wait in line for EVERYBODY to be able to receive care? Nobody who is sick will be turned away if I simply wait a little bit?"

Today, monitor your thoughts. Everytime you judge, or have a negative thought about someone or something, you are offering that experience to God/Universe. You are limiting God/Universe's experiences to the negative levels of Consciousness. YOU can do SO much better, for God experiences Consciousness through you...


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