Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your "wake" is not the cause of where you are right now...

Your "wake" is not the cause of where you are right now, it is the result of all of your choices. 
Set a course for happiness and get a different wake.

If you're going to set a course for Happiness, you need to know where it is, and how to get there. So where is it? It is everywhere, but only some people see it. We are very familiar with the fact that some people are not able to see. We refer to them as blind. Through no fault of their own, the physiology of vision doesn't function. We can use the same word for those who can't see Happiness, they are blind to it, however their blindness is self-induced, even if it is involuntary.

Let's begin with defining what Happiness is not.

Happiness is not based on what you do. However you define you career, from professional, to stepping-stone, or as a method to survival, what you do is not the source of Happiness.

It is also not based on what you have. There are millions who have everything money can buy, who are extremely unhappy. Conversely many people living in abject poverty can only find good things to say!

Happiness is not based on what others think of you. Your reputation is not you. What others think is tainted by their experience. It is said that nothing anyone can say about you can actually effect your character, and that nothing you can say about yourself can alter it either. Your character is defined by your actions alone and not opinions.

Happiness is not based on your identities of beliefs. You identify mostly with what your Ego tells you will make you special. Most of this is completely untrue. Likewise, most of your beliefs have been passed down to you by people who had then passed down to them. Neither you or them have ever examined these beliefs for truth... You just assume people who love you wouldn't lie. Your church, and your political party fill you with beliefs, beliefs which aid and abet their agendas. Your family and friends contribute to this too. All of your life they impress their agendas on you! When you heard constsntly, "A woman's place is in the home," or "Big boys don't cry," where was the truth? Plenty of unhappiness resulted though.

Finally, Happiness does not lie in your past, or in your future. It only exists right now. NOW, is your only opportunity to access happiness. Your past is only in your mind, and your perceptions completely color the facts. The future will exist, only as you make it happen right now.

How do we set course then, for Happiness. BEgin by questioning your judgements, and then dropping them or letting them dissolve. Your judgements about how things are supposed to be are blocking the bliss of living. Start fresh. Examine anew each moment, each event, and choose Happiness as your response. Stop holding on to identities that keep you from Happiness. Choose for yourself what is right for you. This isn't found in a book, or in dogma of any sort. YOU decide what works for you and where your Happiness lies...

Today, follow the words of my wife, "When two options are presented to me, neither of which can be proven to be false, I will choose the one that makes me feel better." YOUR Happiness lies in your ability to stop identifying with things that make you unhappy. Stop believing things that block the bliss. Set a course, that leaves the "wake" you desire...


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