Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You get world peace through each person having inner peace...

You get world peace through each person having inner peace. Work on YOU and help us..

As long as YOU believe there are enemies there won't be peace. As long as there are people who YOU believe are beneath you there won't be peace. As long as YOU believe that others are doing things wrong and so are less deserving there will not be PEACE...

Acceptance of all things as normal and fine will put you on the road to peace. What is required for this state of BEing? You must realize the that there is no good and evil, that this kind of thinking is simply a duality. Good and evil are not separate things, they are the same thing, on the same continuum. YOU put in the divider between them. YOU also move this divider continually throughout your life to the location where your present understanding of good and evil currently resides. You may be surrounded by like-minded people, who mostly agree where the divider should be put, but ultimately YOU decide.

Nobody does anything outside of their personal frame of reference, outside of their worldview of right and wrong, so nobody is inherently evil. Hitler did nothing outside of his worldview, and in fact was supported by millions of like-minded individuals. His culturallization, his indoctrination, his experiences created his worldview, just like yours creates YOURS. Until you begin to see others as all normal and fine, as people just like yourself, ALL children of God and doing their best within their own worldview there will no peace. Indeed, until everyone sees this there will be no peace. Everyone says they want peace, peace, WORLD PEACE! But, they don't want to give up their ideas about who and whom are good and evil, right and wrong. The truth is nobody is evil, nobody is wrong, these are simply your opinions according to YOUR worldview.

If you have abdicated your opinion to some country, church, career, political party, ideology, region or family, you will adopt the positions of these entities to some degree. Some do to a great degree, and some to a lesser. The degree of adoption is personal. Two people raised in the same family, that go to the same church, that vote for the same people, that live in the same country, can have dramatically different views. In fact, they may agree on something one day and later disagree, not only because one of them changed their worldview (where the divider is placed), but often, because both of them have changed!

Religious people typically have extreme views on right and wrong, good and evil. I was once told by my landlord that I was going to hell because I didn't agree with his choice of a political candidate. He blatantly stated that my position was against God's law. I asked, "Which God, yours?" He said "God, there is only one."

Trust me, there are more than one. But, your denomination CAN'T allow you to believe that! How would they maintain control of where you place the divider between good and evil? How would they maintain political control of you? Financial control of you?

The way out of this is to BEgin to see that God is indeed everywhere, that God is ALL THINGS...including you. Every person on the Earth is equally one of God's children, given free will to choose what he/she believes. They all live within the framework of their own worldview, no matter have much that worldview differs from your own. Peace will only come from dissolving the good/evil duality. YOU must dissolve this yourself.

Today, when you see/hear someone railing about some evil, put yourself in the shoes of the evildoer. As hard as it may be to overcome your conditioning, attempt to see where that person is coming from, and allow and accept that they are living from their own worldview, and not doing anything wrong. Work on YOU and help US...


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