Saturday, September 17, 2011

Give negative people healing LOVE...

How do you handle negative people? Give negative people healing LOVE...

Recently I came across a discussion centered around how to deal with really negative people. A lot of the responses fell in to two camps, ignore them, your only duty is to work on yourself, and avoid them, spend time with more positive people. Neither of these resonates with me.

The basic concept of "Gaia" is that the whole world is one complex organism, with all parts, organic and inorganic, working together, regulating systems such as salinity of the oceans, oxygen in the atmosphere, temperature, and generally maintaining homeostasis, a balanced stability. I personally tend to think of the Universe in the same way, with all components working cooperatively.

Let's apply that thinking to humanity. Imagine that all of mankind is one organism, and each individual is a cell. Some cells contribute mightily to the growth of Consciousness and some cells are simply takers/users/abusers. To which cells do you think the Universal Consciousness is going to send resources? Assets and resources are sent to the cells that are the most important to the growth and well-BEing of the organism.

To take the metaphor a step further, imagine you injure a part of your body. When you stub you toe and it is bruised and bleeding, do you ignore it or avoid it? No, you care for it. You look at it and give it what it needs, cleansing, bandaging, with ongoing care and treatment until it is healed. You know it might take time, but you give the injury the best opportunity to heal fully.

You do this anytime a part of you is hurt, so why wouldn't you act similarly when a part of humanity is hurting? WE are all ONE. Anytime any of us are hurting, the whole is not healthy. You don't say,
"Oh, the hell with that finger, I have another whole hand full of them," so why would you act with indifference to your brothers and sisters who are hurting. Because of your Ego, which convinces you that you are separate, and that you only need to worry about yourself. Your Ego is reinforced by a culture that benefits from you thinking in this manner as well. When someone powerful is profitting handsomely through exploitation, it helps when YOU have bought into the, "It's not my problem," mentality.

Today, when you come across negative people, whether they are random meetings or people in your daily routine, recognize they are not APART from you, but A PART of you. Then, treat them accordingly. Give them your FULL attention. Care not only for them, but care about them. Give them love. Give them time. Your positive, loving example will give them the best chance to heal fully...


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