Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Security is only in your mind...

Security is only in your mind. It is not something that can be accumulated "out there."

We are spiritual Beings having a human experience, and not the other way around. However, most of us have bought into the illusion of the other way around so deeply that we live in an almost constant state of fear. We are so afraid that we spend most of our time trying to set up defenses/barriers/protections to keep out calamity. None of this is possible. Consider the billionaire who goes to the doctor and learns he has stage four cancer and a week to live, or who gets lost flying solo from New York to Martha's Vineyard and crashes to his death. Where was the security? All of the planning and defenses, all of the hoarding and careful investment in barriers to misfortune were for naught. When it is time for your spiritual self to leave your human form behind, all of your imagined security is shown for what it always was, a placebo, a sugar pill, possibly self-administered therapy, but nothing more...

The only real security is in your attitude. You can decide to remove worry from your toolbag and remain present. You can decide to stop comparing the past to the imagined future and stay in the NOW. JOY follows. LOVE follows. Nothing can keep you from experiencing JOY and LOVE when you remain present. It is "The Power of Now" (Tolle).

Most people spend the majority (if not all) of their time either dredging up the past or worrying about the future. This leaves no time for what you are here for, a human experience. God is all things. This presents a problem. God being all things, can know this, but can't experience it. In order to experience something one must BE something other. This is explained wonderfully in the story for children,"The Candle in the Sun," by Eckhart Tolle. The essence is the candle can't tell it is bright because it is next to the sun. Only when it is next to darkness can it experience itself as bright. God, to solve this problem, sends a little piece of itself to take on human form, forgetting that it is God. The piece, YOU, can then actually experience God, and God can experience itself through you. The problem is that most people get here and make no attempt at experiencing God, they get completely immersed into the illusion, that they are something separate from God. Then feeling alone they experience FEAR. Fear causes them to plot and plan against adversity/hardship/catastrophe, seeking security. But there is no security. YOU are only here to experience the NOW, to be present. God is attempting to experience itself through you... right NOW.

Today, when you find yourself dredging up the past and re-examining all of the hurts and failures that you have stored as memories, stop... and come back to the present. There is nothing in your memories that God wants to experience. When you catch yourself worrying, awfulizing about the future, imagining scenarios where you might fail, STOP... You are missing the living. You are missing the JOY. You are missing the LOVE, for security is only in your mind...


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