Monday, October 31, 2011

Broken trust is the abandoned home of love...

An abandoned home advertises, "Nobody loves here anymore." Broken trust is the abandoned home of love...

Treachery attacks the most vulnerable place, the place of trust. When someone trusts us, they are giving us the secret code of their BEing. More than that they are expressing their view of life. They are showing their belief in a loving GOD, a benevalent Universe, and that they live in LOVE and not FEAR.

When we, through malevalence, selfishness or neglect, perform an act of treachery, it brings our level of Consciousness down to zero, a level of non-Consciousness. We must actually climb up through the swamp of the lowest levels in order to reach any postive level of Conciousness again.

Shame (20) Perilously close to death. Suicide is often an escape from this. We wish we were invisible. This level is physically and emotionally destructive, and makes us prone to physical illness.

Guilt (30) Just above Shame. Remorse, recrimination, masochism and victimhood. Self-mutilation (physical and emotional), as well as rage and even killing are frequent expressions.

Apathy (50) Characterized by despair and hoplessness. The world and the future look bleak. It is not simply the lack of resources, but the lack of energy to avail ourselves of life.

Grief (75) Sadness, loss and dependency live here. Regret, depression and a constant remorse about the past are constant. This level colors one's entire level of existence.

Fear (100) From this vantage point the world looks to be full of traps and threats. Fear limits growth of the personality and leads to inhibition, because it takes energy to rise above fear. The fearful person cannot attain higher levels of Consciousness unaided.

Anger (150) As people move up from Apathy and Grief they begin to want. Buddha said desire is the source of all suffering. Frustrated wanting leads to Anger. Anger expresses itself most often as resentment and revenge. Anger leads easily to hatred and has an erosion effect on all areas of a persons life. (For a comprehensive description of levels of Consciousness, read, "Power Vs. Force" by Dr. David R. Hawkins).

Treachery is the vilest of acts, because it grabs the person who trusted, and violently throws them down into the cesspool of the lowest levels of Consciousness. It forces them to experience all of the horrors that reside there, horrors that they may have worked very hard to rise above. When you break someone's trust, you suck the LOVE out of their existence and replace it with FEAR. And not only that, you inflict the same journey on yourself. Finally, anyone merely observing the act of treachery is knocked from their "level" as they experience anger, and cynicism...

Today, look at your actions, your plans, and your rationalizations, and acknowledge how your selfishness is an attack on the trust of others, an attack on their most vulnerable places, and know that you are undermining their LOVE and their lives. You are destroying the home in which they live. Broken trust is the abandoned home of love...


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