Saturday, June 25, 2011

Your Ego perceives the faults in others as their identity...

Your Ego perceives the faults in others as their identity. Actually it is a reflection of your own identity...

We all have identities, some real and some imagined. Real identities are reference points, markers, the lines drawn from place to place across the
map of your life. It is natural for these experiences to mold you somewhat, a regional accent is a prime example. However it is in the imagined arena where the trouble lies, where our exagerated view of ourselves corrupts our view of others.

Why? Our Ego wants to be important. Our Ego, in its grasping, desperate need to be special, will latch onto ANYTHING available for even a momentary boost... It inflates all of your real identities, giving them relevant/unique/standout status; a "vain attempt" at significance.

Where this manifests itself is in our fault finding of others. When you label someone as classless/stupid/boring/tiresome/poor/uneducated or in any other negative manner, you perceive these attributes as their identity(s). In actuality it is your Ego saying that you are superior, unconsciously stating YOUR identity!

Today, notice when finding fault that you feel a touch, a tiny flush of self-esteem associated with it... Instead give a flush of self-esteem, by finding something to offer as encouragement. It will help you both...


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