Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unless you allow abundance to flow out, you don't even know that you have it...

You cannot receive what you don't give. This includes abundance. Unless you allow it to flow out, you won't even know that you have it. 
Abundance does not flow too you, it flows THROUGH you. Think about that. Once the flow is stopped by you it is no longer abundance. It becomes something else. You begin to think of it as something different; a hoard (to fear losing), property (to be protected/defended)...no one else allowed!

People tend to think that THEY made their abundance, but the abundance was already there. When you experience love didn't love already exist? How about a smile (oh that was your original idea?) How about Oxygen, or Nutrition...WATER!

If you don't currently acknowledge these things as abundance, it's time... As for the other things you may temporarily control, power/finances/assets, if you view them as things that can be taken from you, you cannot BE seeing them as abundance. Abundance flows freely in the Universe. If you don't allow it to flow through you, then you obviously don't believe/trust/anticipate it will keep flowing. Unless you allow it to flow out, you don't even know that you have it!

See the abundance around you today. Take a leap of faith and give it freely. When you give it you will then realize you obviously HAD it! More will flood in to take its place. That's how it flows...


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