Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Find someone whose spirit needs lifting and give them a boost...

When you're really feeling down and out, find someone whose spirit needs lifting and give them a boost. Experience the feeling you give them...

You've heard that Joy is in the giving and not the receiving. Mostly this has been said during traditional holidays where presents are exchanged.

There is nothing wrong with this view, however the original statement relates to a different kind of giving; a giving of oneself, freely and without regard for reciprocity. Simply stated, "When you wish to feel something, give that feeling to another." What is truly wonderful is that you too will feel the feeling that you give!

Imagine you're feeling "broke." Find a homeless prerson and give them $5. Not only will he/she no longer feel penniless, but you will magically feel you have money! It is an interesting phenomenon, but your brain can't accept you are broke when you obviously had the money to give, and thus it miraculously changes your outlook!

This works in all ways! If you want to feel pretty, cause someone else to feel pretty. If you want to feel love show someone LOVE... Or, encouragement, compassion, empathy...HAPPINESS!

Today when you're wishing for a feeling you aren't experiencing, find someone else and give them that feeling. You will reap the magical reward immediately...


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