Thursday, June 16, 2011

Expand the spaciousness of your awareness...

Give attention to the neutral things. Expand the spaciousness of your awareness, giving you room to avoid "fight or flight" reactions...

When you place your focus on the intense things in life, your body revs up. It dumps chemicals into your bloodstream to prepare you for battle. If there is no battle to use them up, those chemicals act as toxins... In addition, a tremendous amount of mental energy is expended.

Most people think concentrating on intensely positive events/experiences is the antidote for all the negative ones. Not true. Actually this keeps you swinging wildly from one extreme to the other, both of which cause the same physiological reaction/chemical dump. Both require energy and cause a "closed in" sense of BEing.

When one focuses instead on the neutral things, a quiet spaciousness appears; your body is at rest, your mind idles back. In that moment of non-anticipation your reaction to things is easy, patient, introspective...mindful.

Take a moment today and focus on something neutral and notice how relaxing it is, how wide your sense of awareness becomes...


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