Friday, July 8, 2011

Stillness brings clarity of mind...

Cloudy water will become clear when allowed to stand still. Stillness brings clarity of mind as well...

Oh Dear, the weekend is coming! The kids are arriving tonight! I've got to make a reservation for the restaurant for tomorrow! I've got to pick up items for the BBQ on Sunday! I've got that hike tomorrow morning, and have to get my gear together! I still haven't folded the laundry! Got to change the sheets in the guest room! Oh God, I'm running late here, got to get out to work! One more day...Oh crap I forgot to get gas on the way home yesterday...!!!

Sound familiar?

Everyone loves the look of sparkling clear, still water, but you're running your life like a stirred up mud puddle! We all hear songs, "Running on Empty," "Always Runnin' Behind," etc., but we don't listen to our OWN SONG. It is blocked out by the noise in our heads. We have too much to do! "Oh no I forgot to...!"

This isn't healthy. Stress is a killer and doing all this stuff, getting out ahead of everything, actually prevents any kind of personal growth as well. There simply isn't time.

We are not Human DOings, we are Human BEings...

There are no headstones that read,"I wish I had done more chores!" Only YOU can take control of your life and say enough. Only YOU can begin to say no more. Only YOU can create the space you need; for reflection, introspection... and stillness... Stillness promotes clarity, and allows you to enter into a state of balance;  all activities in their place...with time to breathe in between.

Today, take notice of your list of DOings. Will any of them mean a thing six months from now? Will you even remember them six months from now?


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