Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Ego can't accept its irrelevance...

Everything is perfect, but our Ego just doesn’t get that and so creates problems through JUDGEMENT. Our Ego can't accept its irrelevance.

If God is everything and everywhere how could anything be less than perfect? The Universe has been creating and setting the rules for BILLIONS of years, and little ole' you has a better idea of how it should be?

The Ego is in the driver's seat for most folks, and it needs constant reinforcement that IT is necessary and IMPORTANT! People who are not in the NOW are in one of two places, their Egos are dredging up the past and reliving old hurts or their Ego is imagining scenarios in the future, scenarios in which it fails! We call this worry, awful-izing, fear, DOOM!

The way the ego protects itself is through judgement. "This is wrong", "that is disgraceful", "if only this" or the big one, "it SHOULD be..."

So when you hear those and similar things come out of your own mouth, know that your ego is simply finding fault with perfection and trying to be in control, more important than God...

Look for the perfection in all things today...


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