Friday, May 27, 2011

All determinations are relative, subjective and provisional...

There's no absolute standard to call something true. All determinations for a dominant element are relative, subjective and provisional
We all come from somewhere, a place that is the center of our individual Universe... the place we call home. That home has a set of attributes which make it relative. It also has a set of attitudes which make it provisional.

It is said we are all a product of our upbringing. We are the combination of all of the objects/events/relationships we have been exposed to throughout our lives, combined with the judgements about them we have heard from others and the ones we have adopted for ourselves, therefore we are subjective.

Boston lies on the East Coast of Massachusetts (relative). From its point of view the Yankees are the hated enemy (provisional). A given individual fan may still respect Derek Jeter as an ambassador of the game or depending on his upbringing a fan might think Jeter is overated and a "lucky bastit' who never had to work for nuttin' his whole life!" (subjective).

Given this, it is actually amazing that anyone could imagine that what they thought was true WAS ABSOLUTELY THE TRUTH! But many do... So try to recognize that your own opinion is just as skewed as the skewed someone's you're listening to, and give them a break.

Look to give understanding of another's perspective today...


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