Saturday, August 13, 2011

Every experience, and everyone you've met, has been sent to you for your benefit...

Look upon every experience you've ever had, and everyone who's ever played a role in your life, as having been sent to you for your benefit.
" having been sent to you for your benefit..."

Think about that for a moment... Benefit? What about all the beatings as a kid? What about when that guy took my mother's deposit for a house and "flew the coop" with it? Or when my wife of 18 years left one morning never to come back, and left me two kids to raise? BENEFIT!

Yes, all those and more.

It has been said that God sends us nothing but Angels, and this is true. Every person you have ever had to deal with, even ones from afar that you didn't meet in person, but that impacted your life, have been Angels from God. Indeed every event that has transpired, from ones of great magnitude that have changed the course of your life, to those that have only marked you in the tiniest of ways, have been sent by God for the same reason.

So YOU could decide WHO YOU REALLY ARE, in relationship to them...

We constantly use terms like right and wrong to describe how we feel about others, what they do, what they say, and what they stand for. We do this from an individual perspective, but we also do it from the point of view of the groups we identify with. We use lots of other judgemental labels as well, but we'll leave those for another discussion. What is really curious is that we change our opinion of what is right and wrong over time, so what used to be wrong is now all right, and vice versa. Slavery is a painful example. 650,000 soldiers had to give their lives to change that one, and there are still a couple of "hangers on" to this day, 150 odd years later, but for the most part everyone agrees now that slavery was "wrong." The amazing thing is how strongly people hold to their opinion of what is right and wrong even though the issues are always in a state of evolution.

Nobody ever does anything that they themselves consider wrong. They act always and forever according to THEIR worldview. People these days often refer to Hitler as the arch-villain of history, as the clearest example of something that was "wrong," but Hitler was only doing what he considered right and proper, according to HIS worldview. And, he was supported by millions who agreed with him!

The truth for us, is that all this rightness and wrongness, is simply applying OUR/YOUR opinion(s) in a finite manner, to a world that is illusory. It literally is only in your mind! What you see as wrong, you experience as wrong, and what you see as right you experience as right.

God however, sends you these people/experiences as guides. They are helpers in a way, helpers that allow you to decide who you are, where you stand, and that assist you in creating the best version of YOU, in relationship to THEM...

Today, when you come across someone doing something "wrong," or you hear someone saying that someone else's thoughts/words/deeds are "wrong," stop for a moment and recognize that these "someones" are simply  maps, road guides to help you find your way, to help you find YOURSELF...


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