Sunday, November 6, 2011

Anger is a facade of power...

Anger is a facade of power. It is an attempt to feel powerful by the powerless...

What is anger? To begin with, Anger is one of the negative levels of Consciousness. When you experience Anger, you are dipping into the negative, and lowering your level of Consciousness, at least temporarily. If you happen to have been at a lower level, Shame, Guilt, Apathy, etc., then it indicates a move towards the positive, but still falls well short of the positive levels. It lies above Desire (Craving) and below Pride.

As one moves out of the lower levels and begins to overcome FEAR, one begins to want. Wanting (Desire, craving) leads to frustration, and frustration leads to Anger. Anger can be sometimes be used to springboard whole populations of people upward. Frustration with social injustice has led to great movements toward freedom. Most often however, Anger leads to resentment and hatred. Revenge often follows.

The person who exists in Apathy, experiences life from a hopeless, "What's the use in trying?" perspective. The Angry person is not experiencing this. The Angry person is not living in hopelessness, but he/she has allowed their hope to focus on wanting. Exaggerating the importance of their unsatisfied desires turns into frustration. Their Anger from this oftentimes becomes a way of life. They develop a code of conduct, annoyance, irritability, temper, cynicism, etc. Their Anger prevents them from moving to the next higher level, Pride, because their concept of self is externally generated. Their unsatisfied outward life prevents them from feeling Pride. For an in debth look at the levels of Consciousness, I suggest, "Power Vs. Force," by Dr. David R. Hawkins.

We all know angry people. Of the four classic control dramas ("The Celestine Prophecies," by James Redfield), is that of the "Intimidator," which is the preferred choice of Angry people. The intimidator towers overs you, whether literally of figuratively, and intimidates you into submission. Your acquiesence to them sucks energy out of you and into them. It gives them a sense of power, of control, albeit a false one. They compensate for their lack of control over their frustrations by attempting to exercise their control (imagined) over you. They beat their kids, abuse their wives and terrorize anyone and anything weaker than they.

Anger is selfish, self-centered and truly infantile behavior.

Today, notice yourself experiencing annoyance, irritation and Anger, and realize that your frustrations reflect your unrealized cravings. Recognize that no emotional eruption, regardless of magnitude, will ever result in you successfully pushing the river. Anger is a facade of power. It is an attempt to feel powerful by the powerless...


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