Monday, May 23, 2011

Aim for the Natural Seams in life..

Daily meditation keeps your spirituality honed and sharp, but as the butcher cuts between the bones, aim for the natural seams in life...

We sometimes feel that there are nothing but obstacles in our path. It is well during these moments of exasperation to take a cue from the river. The river's goal is to FLOW. Your goal is to flow WITH life.

Often our struggles are caused because we are trying to do things the "right" way. But what is this "right" way? Where did it come from? Did you decide this for yourself or is it something you have learned/absorbed/adopted from what your family expects, or what your friends expect, or just that "it's always been done that way"? Most of these "right ways" that are the expectations of others, were passed on to them. They have not examined them, they simply have passed them on to you.

When a rock falls into the path of the river, the river simply goes around it with no hesitation. It doesn't say, "Oh, I wanted to go the other way..." It simply finds the natural seam and FLOWS into it.

Look for the Natural Seams in your life and FLOW with it...


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